This is my OLD SITE ... please go to andyjarrett.co.uk to get my latest posts

The first post

I've been working on getting a static blog together since the 2012/2013, with the original idea being to export my whole Blog using node which is something I did at [https://github.com/andyj/blogcfc2html]. Something about the idea of importing 1000+ posts in to a shinny new blog along with issues like broken links to images and external resources never sat well with me. I then saw Sean's post who has started a new static blog too and to get around the problem of the old content has just left it where it is. Perect. So very opently i'm stealing Sean's idea and leaving everything on andyjarrett.co.uk while I start something new here.

So here I am, now pushing static pages to Github via docpad.

You can see my set up via github but for a quick overview this is the current modules I'm using:

"docpad-plugin-coffee": "~2.0.2",
"docpad-plugin-eco": "~2.0.3",
"docpad-plugin-ghpages": "~2.4.1",
"docpad-plugin-livereload": "~2.6.0",
"docpad-plugin-marked": "~2.2.1",
"docpad-plugin-rss": "~2.0.1"

For my RSS subscribers

The content here will use my feedburner feed @ feeds.feedburner.com/andyjarrett so if anyone still subscribes via RSS and just expecing CFML/Railo content from me then be warned, it will be limited. If you do want access to my old RSS document you can access that via andyjarrett.co.uk/rss.cfm

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